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Card Fighters' Clash 2 Expand Edition
Quote:I'd say to post an IPS here. Then maybe we can get some people to test it out. I'd want to make sure there aren't bugs before we announce it.

Here’s the IPS patch of the up-to-date revision.

.zip (Size: 7.76 KB / Downloads: 428)

The texts of the abilities of all cards were fixed, now they say more accurately what the effect does.

Also, I've aligned the items in the Dictionary menu, and rewritten certain rules to correct mistakes and make them more understandable (e.g., you can only backup once per turn, whereas current rules says twice).

[Image: j9smkp.png]

Quote:If it's all good, then I would probably announce it on if that was okay with you. If you'd want to write a post about it, that would be even better.

It's ok with me. The main reason was to share with the community a fixed version of the great English translation, so I'm happy you want to announce it. But please wait until I revise the texts when ability is used, since some texts are garbled.

Quote:I'm curious what you did with Tile Layer Pro. I'm also curious what you did with the font table.

With Tile Layer Pro I changed CAB’s name to CAP in the Free Battle selection screen.

[Image: 9pw9si.png]

All I did involving the font table was to generate one with TaBuLar to use with the script insertion tools.

Quote:Did you start with the English version, or did you start with the Japanese version?

I can't read japanese Sad
I started with the English version 5-03-08, the latest posted in

Quote: Also, you're from Spain, right? I don't know if you'd care, but a while back there was a guy that translated CFC2 into Portuguese. Then another more recently came along and wanted to translate to Spanish.

Yes, I’m from Spain Smile Would be very nice translating the game to Spanish, but in this language we have diacritical marks on vowels (áéíóú) and some letters like “ñ” that don’t exist in English, and I don’t know how to add them to the ROM and make them variable-width.

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