Setting up my new CM3 - Help me Out
Hey guys,
Finally got my new CM3!!! Big Grin So excited about this, but I need your help. I have found some small obstacles on the way. 

1. Been reading up and down all the guides but I can't find how to enable full screen mode with the boxy pixel shell. 
On the left side, I have unused vertical screen space and not idea how to shift the image to the left.

2. Is there a contrast control? Even when I lower the brightness, the screen is just too white, I would love to balance with a contrast control to make blacks blacker. Somethings it is hard to read the text because it is so white and the blacks are so soft.

3. Is there a WIFI adapter guide?

4. How about a hotkey guide?
Is it possible to change the hotkey-key?

Thanks for all the help in advance!! Big Grin

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