[GUIDE] Building Experimental Display Driver with Custom Settings
(08-22-2019, 11:27 AM)Slow Catalyst Wrote: Same with trying to compile juj's driver much like how I did on the CM3.

Can't seem to find the answer anywhere that resolves this.

The main thing that you may be doing wrong is passing the -DARM=V8A flag. Omit it completely as Cmake generally detects the correct board revision, and the Pi 0 has a different architecture revision than the CM3.

We've also not compiled new versions of the driver for some time, so I'll look into updating them in the next few days before classes start up again.

EDIT: I just updated the binaries to the most recent version from juj's repo, so git pull the changes and replace the old binaries. If you don't have the NoDMA version's service file, copy that where it belongs (you can find it in the installZero.sh script) and also put that binary in /usr/local/bin/. If you still get white screen on boot, make sure that /boot/config.txt has the waveshare32b line commented and that you have fbcpOld disabled and the fbcpZero of your choice enabled.

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