analog stick config options break controls
i made sure to have 21 gpio positions and then just killed the driver and restarted it. viola... sticks are working!


I must have wired the right stick wrong bc the x axis thought it is was the y axis and vice versa. no worries... i just changed the config to swap the x1 and y1 addresses... problem solved. 

options mk_arcade_joystick_rpi map=4 hkmode=2 i2cbus=1 x1addr=77 y1addr=72 x2addr=75 y2addr=79 gpio=4,17,6,5,19,26,16,24,23,18,15,14,-20,42,43,-1,41,-1,-1,-1,-1

next problem... my left stick i think is wired correclty, but to get the wires to curl around to the back correctly, i mounted it upside down on my board so both the x and y axis are inverted (up is down and down is up. right is left and left is right). can i get around this with a config change or do i have to physically turn the stick?

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