Issues with the B Button and Shutdown
I have a Freeplay CM3 that was built in December 2018 per the sticker on the board.  Up until a couple of months ago all of the buttons would function normally and the shutdown slider would trigger the shutdown process.  Then using it one day, the B Button stopped working entirely and I could not get it to shutdown via holding the slider to the right for a couple of seconds; and in my panic I simply pulled the battery.

Well now with the corona-virus keeping me at home, I decided to try to reconfigure it, so I downloaded the CM3 image from March 13th, 2020 (Freeplay_CM3_20031301.img) and installed it to a freshly formatted micro SD card.  With that fresh install the B Button still would not work, nor does holding the power slider shutdown the device (this time I did use the shutdown command in retropie successfully).

Reading around on the forum I have also tried the following in order:
- open the case, using isopropyl alcohol clean the contacts and rubber pads and let dry --> B button still fails to work
- with the case open, power the board flip the A and B button pad --> A button still worked, B did not
- unseat and reseat the CM3 board and try again with the case open --> no change
- for grins I even tried using the B button pad on different contacts and they continue to function

Have I missed anything else to try?
*side note I have never soldered anything nor do I have a soldering machine

Thank you for any input or assistance

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