Issues with the B Button and Shutdown
So far, I am safe too Wink

I think about 2 possibility:
- The compute module is faulty (I already damaged 2, it can go bad pretty fast without notice, a pin just die).
- You can still have a false contact even after re-sitting the compute module.
- Some traces are damaged.

For the second one, you can also try to clean both module and socket contacts. For the socket, you can use a piece of paper but beware, don't bend any contact.

Do you notice any traces of corrosion on the board or the compute module?
If so, this can be caused be sweat, sadly without soldering iron, it will be difficult to do something :/

If you have a multi meter on hand, here is a old picture :    
I didn't include power because it use 2 pins, 20 and not sure for the other one :S

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