DMA channel collision on N64 games
Hello, I recently bought a Freeplay CM3 and I've been having a lot of fun with it.

I have an issue with N64 though. I was initially able to play games on it without much issues. Then, while I was playing one, I plugged the CM3 into an HDMI and it looked like it detected it (the screen flickered for a second) but it did not send the image to the TV. 

I shut it down and tried turning it back on while being plugged to the TV. This time the Retropie menu was shown both on the screen and TV. I then selected the N64 emulator and the entire image and sound were sent to the TV only (the screen remained black during this).

Unfortunately, every time I run the N64 emulator now, it defaults to sending the image to HDMI only. I can plug it into the TV while the CM3 screen is black and I'll see and hear the rom playing on the TV.

These are the options I have enabled for the emulator:

System: n64
Emulator: mupen64plus-auto
Video mode: 1024x768 @ 60 Hz 4:3, clock: 65MHz progressive
ROM: Legend of Zelda, The Ocarina of Time

After entering the emulator I see an error in the daemon.log saying that there was a DMA channel collision:

retropie fbcpFilledNoSleep[380]: DMA channel collision! DMA channel 1 was expected to be assigned to our peripheral 7, but something else has assigned it to peripheral 17!

I think it initially tried to use the screen through SPI (peripheral 7) but something else assigned it to HDMI (peripheral 17).

Is there an easy way to revert whatever configuration was assigned when I plugged it into the TV?

Here's the daemon.log file in case it's needed:

PS: I have the Freeplay_CM3_19110701 CM3 image installed with the FastNoSleepFilled LCD driver selected.

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