DMA channel collision on N64 games
Ok so, according to the following issue raised on juj's repository, N64 games only work with DMA disabled.

I went ahead and compiled a version without DMA channels by setting DUSE_DMA_TRANSFERS to OFF, and commenting out the following constants (as explained here

DISPLAY_FLIP_ORIENTATION_IN_SOFTWARE //to comment, I don't remember why
SAVE_BATTERY_BY_SLEEPING_WHEN_IDLE //to comment, good catch

This gave me a driver that runs N64 games at an amazing performance with clock divisor of 6!

Other emulators looked a bit choppy so I went ahead and added an option to the "Freeplay Change Display Driver" so that I can manually change them when I want to play N64 games.

Thank you for building this magnificent machine!

PS: This process left me with N64 games with no sound, I just set mupen64plus_audio to "0" in /opt/retropie/configs/all/autoconf.cfg and got audio out of the internal speaker.

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