Transferring saves from Freeplay CM3 to PC and back.
Hi everyone,
it has been almost a year playing with my Freeplay CM3 and it's really a fantastic product, can't complain about anything.
First of all I have to admit that I don't know basically anything about Raspberry (so that may be part of the reason why I can't get this to work), and that I always used the USB stick method to transfer my roms from the PC and I never encountered any problems with it.
With quarantine and Covid19 rules I am forced to work at the PC some days, doing basically nothing, and while I have some other things that I can run in the background I was wondering if I could continue my playthrough from the CM3 (like taking the .sav file, using a PC emulator like VisualboyAdvance to continue playing that save, saving at the end and moving that same .sav file back into the CM3).
I'm playing a GBA title and I'm using both saves and save states. But when I try to look for the save file/state into the USB stick or SD Card, I can't find anything but the saves are there because I can use both the normal save and the save states.
Is this something I can pull off?
Thanks in advance, really hope I can get this to work.

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