All black Freeplay Zero
Been slowly working on my Freeplay Zero for months now, finally got it to a point where I am pleased with the build and ready to share with the internet.

Part List:

Raspberry Pi Zero W:
This replaces the Pi Zero (Non 'W' Variant) which I originally bought to complete this project. 
The Raspberry Pi used currently did not have a functional micro USB port, but the port is not usually used for this project so it was acquired cheaply.
Hot Tip:
A Pi Zero W with a broken micro USB port is far more convenient than a Pi Zero. 100% worth the extra.

RetroSix Housing:
As an inherently lazy human, I wanted to use the least amount of effort possible building this, whilst maintaining a quality build.
The housing used came from a new mould, with some sections already cut out (for a GBA IPS screen), making the cutting exercise easier.

IPS Screen Lens:
I opted for an IPS screen lens as the screen lens is just a fraction bigger, helping account for imperfections in the alignment of the screen.

P.S. Has anyone found a working solution or alternative for KODI on the FreePlay Zero?

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