CM4 is out. Freeplay CM4?
(10-20-2020, 07:03 AM)Flavor Wrote: It was also mentioned over here:

I'll say 2 things here quickly:

1)  Freeplay CM4 Circuitry:  We can't do much, yet, until we have some hardware in hand.  Even then, it'll take a fair bit of work to even see if it's doable.  One thing I'm a bit concerned about is power draw, so I hope it doesn't impact battery life too much.

2)  Screen:  Until we get some circuitry, we can't even begin to try out LCDs.  I can't argue that IPS would be nice.  With the GBA-style shell, we're a bit limited.  3.2" is about the right size (which is what we already use on the Freeplay Zero/CM3), but that makes things tough.  There aren't many 3.2" LCDs out there, actually, especially if we want to keep the 4:3 aspect ratio.  If we were making the shell, then I think we'd have some excellent options.  If we stick to the GBA-style shell, then we're VERY limited.

There is a 2.8" IPS LCD that we tested recently that is fairly nice, but is it worth going smaller just for IPS.  I don't think so.

How about something that's shaped exactly like a GBA but slightly larger, with a 3.5" IPS screen and holes for dual analog sticks? I bet BoxyPixel could make that.

While I'm throwing out ideas, the 3DS analog sticks connect with ribbon cables, which would remove the need for soldering for analog sticks. They are also really good analog sticks IMO.

If you come out with a CM4 version, I'm very likely to buy one or participate in the kickstarter.  I have the Freeplay Zero. I actually chose the zero over the three because I just figured the three was between the zero and the 4 and so wouldn't be good enough for Dreamcast. The Pi 4 plays Dreamcast at full speed.

The consoles I play often are ColecoVision (my first console growing up), Game Boy Advance, and Dreamcast. Also, arcade SHMUPs like Dodonpachi, which also runs best on a Pi 4.

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