A little list of questions for CM3
1) You can use an unpowered hub, but it will be very dependent on what all you plug into it. If it's all low-power stuff, it should be fine. I would recommend a hub with its own power supply, but it's not entirely necessary.

2) I have not yet heard of anyone getting a BT/WiFI combo dongle to work on Raspbian. As for BT by itself, I think anything that works well under Raspbian should work fine on the Freeplay CM3. I would assume there's some list like that online somewhere.

3) Upgrading should work. Make a backup before you do it. We do intend to release a new SD image sometime here, but we've been very swamped with other things lately.

4) There is a KILL button on the back near the power slider. This should instantly cut all power (like unplugging USB and the battery at the same time).
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