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Moder mother boards and parallel port for POCKET LINKER
Hi everyone,

I'm an old Pocket Linker for Neo Geo Pocket user, to transfer data from/to flash cart. In case anyone doesn't know, it works with old mother boards with parallel port and Win98 O.S. The years has gone and it's unconfortable has an old computer only to do this process.

I tryed to use in my modern PC a PCIe parallel port board and connect it with a O.S emulator like VMWare or VirtualBox, but none of these software detects the Pocket Linker before instaling the drivers, etc.

I know that exists modern flash carts like FlashMasta but I don't want to stop using the Pocket Linker because it still works and works perfect (in Win98 xDD).

So my question is, someone know if in 2022 it's possible to connect this PocketLinker in a modern motherboards?

Many thanks

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Moder mother boards and parallel port for POCKET LINKER - by KeiDash - 08-16-2022, 09:58 PM

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