FreePlay Zero (640x480) with CM4
Hey!  First time posting on here (hope I don’t embarrass myself too much).

Been playing with the idea of adding a CM4 Pi to the new FP Zero using a breakout board (been trying out the Waveshare Nano Base Board that breakout out the GPIO pins and camera connection among other IO) but have run into a slight problem.

The camera CSI connect on the Pi Zero is different from that on full sized Pis (like the 4B, 3B+, 3A+ and CM4 breakout boards), which for cameras isn’t an issue as there is a ribbon cable that converts for these different sizes but trying this with the FP Zero unfortunately isn’t being picked up by the Pi.

I wondered if anyone else has been toying with trying to run a more powerful Pi on the FP Zero 640x480 board (internally or externally from the GBA shell as non will fit natively and had any thoughts on what type of ribbon cable or adaptor would be needed to get the FP Zero to talk with Pis with the larger but less pins CSI port.

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