FreePlay Zero (640x480) with CM4
Thanks Flavor, I got it working on a CM4!  You were correct in that I'd need to change the dtoverlay specifically for a Pi4 or for the specific Pi being used.

I've been able to get the FPZ to work with both a Pi3A+ and CM4 using the Waveshare Nano B board, both have the 15 pin CSI port so needed an adaptor for these.  Found the Pi camera 22 pin to 15 pin doesn't work as normal 15 pin flex cables for larger Pis need to be a type B that flips the pins; the ones for Pi Zeros and the one used for the FPZ is a type A cable so keeps the pin straight but changes the order.

Found the 15 pin CSI to 22 pin CSI-2 adaptor in conjunction with a 22 pin 0.5mm type A cable (same as the one that comes with the FPZ) and then a 15 pin 1.0mm type B cable alines the I2C pins correctly to then be picked up.  Then its a case of finding which I2C0 pins the Pi is using and it's detected:


Pins 35 and 36 were the ones for CM4 boards.

Now I can start playing with getting the CM4 with Waveshare Nano B board to fit nicely into the GBA case - sure it will stick out the top a little.

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