All White Screen and a strange Buzzing Sound
Hi everyone! 

So I've finally gotten around to setting up my first Freeplay CM3, However I appear to of run into a bit of a snag 

When I go to turn everything on for the first time to do the initial boot my screen stays completely white a d the speaker starts to make a buzzing noise 

I've got a green light so that end appears to be fine 

I've followed a video on here to make sure the ribbon cake was connected properly and it sure is 

I'm left wondering what else I could do 

This is being used in conjunction with a boxypixel case I purchased before covid

The gofile link will take you to a video so you can see what I mean. 

Hoping someone might have the answers for me because I am stumped

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All White Screen and a strange Buzzing Sound - by Matty - 08-06-2023, 03:32 PM

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