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SDK version that should run on Windows 7 (and possibly Windows 10)
I modified it and tested it successfully on Windows 7 64 bit, check the readme.txt before everything else for some instructions. Feedback welcome.

Have a nice day,
Thank you so much for this, I was worried I would either have to either do all my development in a Windows 98 virtual machine or pay Toshiba $600 for a new version of their compiler. Out of curiousty, what did you have to modify to get it working?

edit: nvm, looks like you just run thc1 and thc2 manually instead of dealing with cc900 (I might write a wrapper program that does it a bit more "user friendly" than that at some point). Anyway, the default makefile also doesn't work properly with anything using that NGPC framework that everyone uses, so here's one that does:

.SUFFIXES: .c .asm .rel .abs
OBJS = \
    maxidemo.rel \
    library.rel \

$(NAME).ngp: makefile ngpc.lcf $(OBJS)
    tulink -la -o $(NAME).abs ngpc.lcf system.lib $(OBJS)
    tuconv -Fs24 $(NAME).abs
    s242ngp $(NAME).s24

    thc1 $< $<.thc
    thc2 -O3 $<.thc $<.asm
    asm900 -w $<.asm -o $@
    rm $<.thc $<.asm

    del *.rel
    del *.abs
    del *.map
    del *.s24

note that by "works" I mean "spits out a bazillion warnings because it's compiling shit out of order or something" but it does generate a functional binary
Yes, i modified the SDK a bit to suit my needs like using gnu make or vasmz80 to assemble .s files (for z80 source files) i think it's more convenient that way, i also had to make a new mot2bin which needed to be compliant with TUCONV's output (the original mot2bin was à 16 bit application). CC900 refuses to work on Windows 7 (it can't open the subsidiary exes).
Looks like i could have used 's242ngp', i didn't even know what it was for.
I'll try this SDK version this evening on my w10 pc.
btw, I was trying another way to be able to code easily for ngpc: I've ported Ivan's NGPC libraries to win32 and added z80 emu and sound part from "race!"
The result is available here:
I can compile and run on NGPC or Win32 (mingw or VS2017).
It's much easier to debug with Visual Studio...

This is really cool to see new developments on this stuff again!!!

I wish I had time to play with the stuff, but (ugh) I seem like I'm barely keeping up with things I need to get done lately.

Thanks everyone!
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Tested on my PC Windows 10 with the sqrxz code above and it works with few changes (removing Sys* function from library.c)
Q: How to add -D stuff in CFLAGS?
Good question.
I've uploaded a new version (same url) just use something like:

merci bien! (et ça marche!)
Found a link to Toshiba's newest 900H C compiler that does work on Windows 7. Not sure it's the most "legitimate" way to get a hold of the software, but I don't feel like paying $600 for a compiler so this seems like a pretty good option for me.

Just the T900 folder (Take Sebastian Mihai's devkit and replace the T900 folder with this one):

I found the installer at if you want to install it yourself (all it does is put that T900 folder at C:\Program Files\Toshiba though)

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