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Favorite Game
Welcome, Biogon! It's nice to have you here.
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This is a hard question, this in off the top of my head.
Im sure im missing a favorite one. I have Faselei! but i havent gotten to it yet, saving it for a rainy day.
There are so many brilliant games though, so even if Puzzle link is my number one number six isn't far behind.

1. Puzzle Link
2. Metal slug: first mission
3. Match of the millenium
4. King of Fighters R-1 (Yep not R-2, i know this is a NGPC list but hey, it works on the color so)
5. Magical drop.
I have only just begun to scratch the surface of what the NGPC has to offer.

So far my favourites are:
1) Puzzle Link 2
2) Bi-Motor Unitron

I am sure the list will chnage as time goes by.

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