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Custom NGPC Game Hack - AKA my geeky way to ask someone out!
I didn't like the logo on the label as it looked too pixely (If that is even a word) So I tweaked it a bit and decided to go with a picture of Mr Fool (As Mr Fool is the character you need to select to show the custom story i made)

So I did that (So hard to find a decent pic of the character) and shrunk the logo a bit so it looked better and this is the result.
[Image: 2012-03-20123032.jpg]
Can't wait to finally apply this to the cart.

Also I just finished the front of the box for the game I sadly couldn't find very good images of the game box and trying other versions on other systems wouldn't work cause of the extra characters put into the art on the boxes so I've done the best I can and recreated the bottom icons and black bar of text.
[Image: ngpcbox.jpg]
I still need to create artwork for the back of the box as well.

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