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Custom NGPC Game Hack - AKA my geeky way to ask someone out!
Still working on it Smile

I managed to get some more of it done today.

I wasn't happy with the box I first made (was cut incorrectly the first time) so I have done another which looks much nicer.
[Image: 20120509_205910.jpg]
[Image: 20120509_205920-1.jpg]

I think we can all agree this new box is much better.

[Image: 20120509_210127-1.jpg]
[Image: 20120509_210032-1.jpg]
[Image: 20120509_210053-1.jpg]

I quickly made the divider to hold the game and hide the linker etc
[Image: 20120509_212135.jpg]
[Image: 20120509_212210.jpg]

I think it looks too plain so I will have to come up with some artwork for the divider now but this box fits together nicer and tighter it's perfect so it's just the divider left and if I will do a booklet or a note for inside not sure which yet still have to work out what I will say.

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