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Custom NGPC Game Hack - AKA my geeky way to ask someone out!
(06-03-2012, 06:30 PM)NiN^_^NiN Wrote: First off I would like to thank you Flavor for helping me with the Hardware and having the cart ready for me it was a huge help Smile

So I gave it to her a few days ago and she was very excited and loved everything about it.

I lent her my ngpc to be able to play it. She loved how much work I put into it, and thought it was so cute and sweet.

She said yes to going out with me and we had a fantastic time. We couldn't be happier right now I love this girl so much Smile

I'm glad I could share my project with you all and I hope you enjoyed the journey as much as I did.

Thank you everyone for your support and kind words Big Grin

Ahh, this is great news! Will you also post a wedding invitation to this forum when you're ready? Smile Then we can all join you for linked NGPC action during the reception.
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