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Custom NGPC Game Hack - AKA my geeky way to ask someone out!
First off I would like to say thank you to Flavor for making me a Flash Cart and being helpful with helping me make this idea a reality.

So I have someone I care deeply about and want to show them just how much I like them so I thought of an idea.

Why not have a custom game created to help me ask them out?

So they has a NGPC (Camo Blue) and one of their favourite games is Magical Drop (Personal favourite as well) so I thought it would be great to see if it was possible to modify the game to do what I needed.

First thing was I didn't like the idea of using a PC and a emulator to do it I wanted a more personal touch so I was researching how to build flash carts and I came across Flavors cart and saw he had some being made so I sent him an email explaining what I would like to do and if he would be willing to help and he said yes.

So currently Flavor is making a flash cart and will be putting it into a game cart case but won't be drilling a hole for the switch.

My plan is to create a custom label for the cart and to design a game box to be printer onto glossy cardboard and it will be cut and folded to house the game like it was a proper game.

So while Flavour is doing the main part for me I have started on hacking the Magical Drop rom and working out how to make it work for my needs.

I posted a small How-To in the software section of this forum in case anyone liked this idea and wanted to make it themselves.


So I have modified most of the graphics and I might only have one more left to change.

My main part now is to create a story line to replace the intro story and all the conversations each character has before and after a battle. This will take a while as each character responds differently to whichever character you selected as your player so i will have to modify 8 story lines in total for each 8 characters and I will have to do a lot of testing on the emulator (So glad it has save states i haven't tested them though)

I wanted to show you all my progress and see what you think about this idea.

Original Title:
[Image: original-title.gif]

Modified Title:
[Image: hax-title.gif]

Original Story:
[Image: original-story.gif]

Modified Story:
[Image: hax-story.gif]

Original Gamefield:
[Image: original-game.gif]

Modified Gamefield:
[Image: hax-game.gif]

Now game play wise I changed one of the drops to a love heart and the symbol when you get a drop that gets rid of all the drops at the same time.

Now the reason I didn't make the love heart red was cause the animation that happens when you get the special drop to remove all of the same drops was too small to modify.

I have left the other symbols as is cause they mean something to us. I will be making a booklet explaining the game play and also what each symbol on the drops means.

I still have a lot of work to do still but this is where I am so far what do you guys and girls think?


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