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Custom NGPC Game Hack - AKA my geeky way to ask someone out!
(02-25-2012, 02:41 PM)Flavor Wrote: Nice. That's working rather well. I'm guessing that you're only hacking the strings. I think that's going to be the easiest for you. You can get away with just hex editing the ROM if you don't even lengthen a string. I'm not sure about the "stealing text" bit. I'm not sure how you're doing that. It may cause issues if it's not done right.

If you want to do this the "real" romhack way, you would need to find the string pointers. Typically, a game would have a whole bunch of strings (like you already found). Elsewhere, there would be the pointers to the strings. Maybe you've already found these and this is how you're "stealing" from other characters. If so, you're getting slightly advanced.

It's going great so far it's just getting hard to think of things to say for the character and I have 7 more to do after this one Huh

What i've found is that even though a string has text it also has pointers which will either change the picture of the person talking and also change to a full new text of screen. When i said i've stolen text I mean that I have been able to move the pointers so one conversation is still all up say 100 characters but I don't have to stick to this character can only use 5 characters in the whole conversation so if i steal the extra space from the other character talking then i can expand this characters text and move the pointers further along but i'm still stuck at 100 characters.

I did have some issues where I occidentally added 1 more character to the total file size and that wrecked all the graphics etc cause they pointers weren't where they were meant to be if that makes sense

(02-25-2012, 02:41 PM)Flavor Wrote: What we did with CFC2 (and I think many translation hacks would go this route) was to extract all the strings to a text file. I had a program to do that and a program to take a text file and insert it back into the ROM. It would figure out all the strings and adjust the table of pointers accordingly. This is pretty advanced, as you'd probably need to code a custom program to do this extraction/insertion. I do think there are some ROMhacking tools for this sort of thing, though.
Yeah that is way beyond my current understanding i've only learnt that pointers for the text and when a characters tile changes in the text window can be moved around as long as i don't add any extra characters and this would be an issue for translating as the translation wouldn't fit some of the time using my method unless it was rewritten to fit into the allowed space.

(02-25-2012, 02:41 PM)Flavor Wrote: If you want to do more digging on this, go to
and look at the "Script Extraction/Insertion" tool category. I can't say I've used any of those tools, but you might find something good. I also must say that this may be overkill for your project, so maybe it's not worth spending time on. My main point here is just to let you (and whoever else might read this) with additional info.
I'll have a look and see how it all works currently I seem to be doing ok and making it work as I don't have a set script to go off just an idea and some remarks.

(02-25-2012, 02:41 PM)Flavor Wrote: Oh, and by the way, it's a
"noble cause"
not a
"nobel cause"
Maybe that was a typo.

I caught that when i made the gif but I was just to tired to fix. I did a lot of typo's last night i didn't quit changing the text to almost 4am as I couldn't sleep but I will go over all the text once i've finished the story for Mr Fool to make sure I have everything correct but thanks for keeping an eye out any help is appreciated Smile


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