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Mizuki Shigeru Youkai Shashin Kan Translation
I am looking into doing a translation for this title as well. However, I think it uses compressed graphics.

Title Screen

[Image: 2iiddv9.png]

Untranslated Selection Screen

[Image: xgl6q.png]

Translated Selection Screen

[Image: 33pexe8.png]
adjusting the tiles, I was able to find out that the first table seen in the file are for the intro and initial story, and the second table seen (right after the first) are for the menus within the game itself. The problem is that it is hard to identify hexadecimals right now to see how to create a text table to reference from.
Great project but I think it will be much harder than the other ones you are working on due to all the "yokai" names.
Yes that and that there is no English Alphabet within the rom to pull from for developing a table, so I'm going to have to do some further work on it.

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