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Densetsu no Orge Battle - English Translation
I have found the text table within this game as well. I will look into it once I finish biomotor unitron 2. You will see below I translated the first sentence of the game (Update: Has since been fixed to "Select a save/slot". The other user saved me time in creating my own table with this information, so thanks again.

Main Menu

[Image: startgame.png]

Japanese first sentence

[Image: firstscreenjap.png]

The initial introduction screen up until the name entry screen has been translated.

[Image: ob1m.png]

[Image: ob2k.png]

[Image: ob3s.png]

[Image: ob4.png]

[Image: ob5.png]

[Image: ob6z.png]

[Image: ob7.png]

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