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How to delete the game data
I bought an used game KOF R-1 and R-2 in a flea,
and all the secrete character was appeared,
so i want erasing the game data with short circuit flash chip,
but I can‘t find Which is the Correct data Pin,
who can hlep me?

BTW,I’m chinese ,English is not very good,LOL~~~

Double BTW,I find a way from google,but I'm not sure really ↓
“Hold down the two buttons and the select button, then power on. This will delete all previously saved data.”
There is no way to short the flash chip like you might do with a battery-backed SRAM. The Linkmasta ( can do this, but it may be overkill for your purposes.

I would think that there should be some settings in KOF that would allow you to erase all data. I have not tried, though.
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