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Fatal Fury F Contact
I think that Fatal Fury F Contact tends to get an undeserved bum rap from people who review Neo Poke games.

On the one hand, I agree that of the six color fighting games that SNK released it is the weakest due to the lack of extra play modes and unlockables. It is a straight up the middle one-on-one fighting game. There is no way to mix things up, and no extra characters to earn.

However, it is still a solid little fighting game. All of the color fighting games are good. SNK ironed out the kinks in their control scheme with the two black and white games. After that, the color games all played like a dream.

Thus, it seems unfair to me that many reviewers will give MoTM, Last Blade and Gals Fighers an A+, and then give Fatal Fury a C. I would say that it deserves a B- at worst.

In any case, that is my opinion.

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