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Pocket Rumble
Awesome project! I will have to keep an eye on it.

I was thinking the other day how cool it would be if someone starting creating new commercial software for the Neo Poke similar to the Dreamcast scene. This will be a free download, but I think it still qualifies due to the professional nature of the development. Hopefully it will be the start of something that grows over time.

I also follow the Commodore 64 homebrew scene. Some of those guys create full packaging for their games and sell them through Psytronic (tape and disk) and RGCD (carts). They also add an option to pay 2 UK pounds to download the disk image for use on emulators or flash drives. People know that if they wait a year the disk images will show up on the web, but many people pay anyway in order to support the development of new Commodore 64 games.

I think a similar model would work for NGPC homebrew developers. Create a new game. Sell a limited number of copies on a cartridge for $50-$60 each for collectors and also offer the rom image as a cheap downloadable ($5). Supposing there are 100 people who are willing to buy a full price cart and another 400 people willing to pay for a download to help support the project, that leaves the developer(s) with approx. $7000 minus manufacturing costs for the carts.

Of course, such a system works best if there is a single source for game purchases that the community knows and trusts. Freeplaytech might be able to help fill that void (hint hint).

Not sure if SNK would move to stop any effort to make money on the NGPC. So long as none of their IPs are used (unofficial sequels to SNK games) they would hopefully turn a blind eye.

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