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Rockman Fighters Flashcart
Hey there everyone, I just came here from Nintendoage and forums!

I'm hoping to get into the NGPC soon and was wondering about flash carts. The flashmasta is cool, but I really would only need it for one game. I would love to get a copy of Rockman Fighters, but it is most likely too pricey.

I was wondering if anyone could make me a flash cart of this game to save me having to buy the linkmasta and flashmasta. I really am only interested in this game, and would rather buy real carts for the other games.

Feel free to pm me about this at any time! Thanks!
Hi Captain Olimar, I'm glad you found this site. I'm the owner of (not the duck store). I don't know if Flash can or is able to sell just the cart. Realistically he's selling us a product and "what we do with it" is up to us. So him putting the game on a flash cart etc. could lead to trouble, but that's completely up to him.

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