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NGPC video output, screen improvement?
(03-03-2012, 04:11 AM)gegrago Wrote: I wanted to ask if somebody is working/worked in some kind of video output for the NGPC. I remember seeing pictures of somebody who attached a ribbon cable to were the screen was and getting a TV output.

There's the K2 board, which is NGP's counterpart of Nintendo's Wide Boy, I guess, though the latter one required a console to pass the signal through. K2 outputs composite and S-Video signals directly from the board. Looking at that picture, I'm guessing it can also output RGB.

I've never seen any documentation on NGP's screen or the signals. I've seen a few GameBoy to VGA projects. This is one example. The author couldn't find any documents on GB Pocket, but since GameBoy is really well documented, the original GB docs helped him a whole lot.

There's some stuff at Emu-Docs.

I remember seeing that ribbon cable and some sort of a converter. I think it was on Assembler boards, but I can't find the link. I'm sure someone from here will know, though.

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