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A question about stereo panning

I'm currently creating a windows tracker (sound tool) for the NGP and i have a problem with the stereo panning:
In my replay, all 3 square channels go to the far left and the noise channel goes to the right.
Is it possible to somehow control that panning ?
(the "sound tutorial" document by Ivan Mackintosh doesn't mention anything about that).
Did i miss something crucial ?
Admittedly, I don't know much about the NGPC sound programming.

Have you seen this?

I'll send a message to _mic to see if he'd want to add comments here, too. He's likely the man for the job. I could see if I might get ahold of Ivan Mackintosh, too.
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The only bits of information i've seen was here:

There's brief information about Game Gear stereo extension through a port but this probably doesn't apply to the NGP.

Ok, i understood (sorry for the trouble): you have to write on both volumes registers to center the output, i think some pre-calculated left/right volumes tables would give stereo effect.

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