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Please make the micro USB and mini HDMI flush with the case the same as the USB. As I have found when connecting HDMI is a bit hit and miss. Plus I would like to use a magnetic cable to charge my CM3 but it won't stay in as it just that little bit too deep?
Hey Gruntergraphix!

Yeah, I do completely get what you're talking about with the USB/HDMI. The problem is that we need to make this circuit board work in the confines of the GBA-style shell. There's somewhat of a fine line between getting those ports out as far as possible and actually getting them to fit on the circuit board. In fact, if you notice, the full-sized USB port that does sit flush creates some new problems when modding. The circuit board has to extend out a bit further than what is proper (compared to the GBA board itself), and it pushes against the shell. The micro USB and mini HDMI ports are placed as far out as we can without needing to modify the plastic wall of the shell (if that makes any sense). Otherwise, we'd have to extend the PCB itself further out. They work adequately for most cables/adapters, but I do know that they aren't perfect for all of them.
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