Newbie Test Build
Thought I'd post about my experience so far with the GPA v2 kit. Considering how little experience I have soldering, getting it working was pretty dang easy.

I got a hold of a ratty GBA shell that nobody would miss if I messed up (and I did, ack). Can't wait to try this again on a nice case now. Some friction I ran into though:
  • The ribbon cable for the LCD seems like it needs to be plugged in perfectly for it to work
  • I am an idiot and had the X/Y button drilling guide flipped, causing the holes to be misaligned.
  • My case seems slightly different than the tutorial case, so I'm still trying to get the the fit right so there's no pressure on the screen.

[Image: gTX0HTR.jpg]

Now I'm a bit stuck with the RetroPie side of things. I burned the image to an SD card using Apple PiBaker, but I don't know how to access the /retropie/roms folder when I've got the SD card connected to my computer. It looks like I'm limited to the 'boot' volume. Any pointers?

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