Newbie Test Build
(02-05-2017, 03:22 PM)boopek Wrote: Thought I'd post about my experience so far with the GPA v2 kit. Considering how little experience I have soldering, getting it working was pretty dang easy.

I got a hold of a ratty GBA shell that nobody would miss if I messed up (and I did, ack). Can't wait to try this again on a nice case now. Some friction I ran into though:
  • The ribbon cable for the LCD seems like it needs to be plugged in perfectly for it to work
  • I am an idiot and had the X/Y button drilling guide flipped, causing the holes to be misaligned.
  • My case seems slightly different than the tutorial case, so I'm still trying to get the the fit right so there's no pressure on the screen.

[Image: gTX0HTR.jpg]

Now I'm a bit stuck with the RetroPie side of things. I burned the image to an SD card using Apple PiBaker, but I don't know how to access the /retropie/roms folder when I've got the SD card connected to my computer. It looks like I'm limited to the 'boot' volume. Any pointers?

Oh man, thank you so much for that bit about the LCD Ribbon. After my initial problems the screen stopped working and was doing the same blank white transmission as before and I got really bummed out. I realigned the cable and all is well. PHEW

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