Risers + Button Caps
Hey Flav0r,

I watched your GPA build video, and I noticed you mentioned risers.

My kit did not come with risers, so I was hoping you could share with us the specific risers you now recommend using?

Also the extra button caps I got are both black, was thinking of getting them in multi-color. Can you provide a name for those too? I'm not sure what keywords to use on ebay to find some.
Hey metaColin! Thanks for posting.

Yes, we did find some spacers/risers/standoffs that I think work well. Prior to that, we had been experimenting with stacking nylon nuts or spacers, so we didn't have anything to send with kits. We added them to the last set of shipments we sent out.

The spacers we found are M2.5 thread, and the "standoff" portion is 10mm tall. If you have a local store that sells nylon spacers like this, the important part is the 10mm tall. If the thread is too large, it can be shaved down. You don't need to screw it in to anything, so the thread pitch doesn't matter at all.

Here's an example of one that works well. http://www.ebay.com/itm/282310202982

The button caps that we included in the kits are usually listed on eBay as caps for 6x6 tactile buttons. I have mainly found 2 different kinds on eBay. One has a round hole, and the other has a rectangular hole. You want the round ones.

Here's a search that has a bunch of them in different colors.
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