Freeplay Zero - GamePie Advance 2.1 Assembly
Hi this is Sam. I was able to score one of the last GPA2.1 units from and I thought I would post an assembly video for the Freeplay Zero. If you think that it is useful, please feel free to use it/link to help people understand the Freeplaytech Kickstarter and what actions are needed in order to build out a game console from one of your excellent kits!

I will be working further on the software config and game installation, but for right now i'm super happy with how easy it was to make everything work together. I'll post another video once i have the full 64gb card filled and the game art downloaded...that part does tend to take a while.

Please let me know if anyone has any questions about my build.

Ed, I'd be happy to help to help beta testing the Cm3 once its ready Wink

I have only watched the first 6min or so, but this is a VERY EXCELLENT video so far.

Okay, I already made it through the entire video. I will admit that I skipped ahead on some parts, but (of course) I wasn't watching it in the way that most users would.

We were really impressed with how well you did your video prep. You had everything outlined very nicely. It's an awesome tool for builders.

When you got to plugging in the RPi to the board, both Andrew and I were like, "No, don't plug it into the board while it's in the shell! You might crack your LCD." You caught it right along with us. Big Grin

I REALLY appreciate you making this video. Thanks a lot, Sam!
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