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There's not much of a relationship. From what I understand, he lives in the same city where RetroModding is located. RetroModding mentioned that the GW guy is working on a lot of scripting and such, and I thought it'd be pretty good to have another guy that knows the operating system level stuff working with the Freeplay Zero. I sent him a unit (actually an older GPA board), and he's been playing with it on and off for a while now.

From what I understand he has a whole bunch of scripts that he maintains (that makes up the GameWizard environment) and he just added them to the Freeplay Zero SD image. I guess I don't know the internals of all that, but I think it's probably the same process that he'd use when a new RetroPie image was released. So, he has a FPZ and he just makes a GW that runs on it.

For me, it's been good to have someone I can ask technical questions about settings and scripts and such. Otherwise, I guess it's nice to have another option for users, but I wouldn't say it's the recommended way to set up a Freeplay Zero. I am always interested in having more options for people, though. I think I mentioned it to you before, but I'd really like to see a RecalBox image set up for the FPZ. I haven't messed with it at all myself, but I know that some people really prefer it.
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