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Flashmasta NGP - Can't write to cart?
I guess it's my turn to report an issue. After seeing two homebrew releases by hitchhikr, I've decided to dig up my Flashmasta and test both Fast And Fourier and INCA on real hardware. It's been ages since I've last used it, and I've upgraded to Win 10 x64. Last I used it was on Win 8, I think. I did go with an upgrade rather than clean install, so old stuff, drivers and all, is still present.

Anyway, I was getting some problems with the command line tool, and the old GUI wasn't detecting the cartridge at all, so I went with Zadig and FlashMasta_Win_64bit_1-21-16. The Flashmasta program seems to detect the cartridge, it lists the device as Neo Geo Link Masta, detects the currently flashed program, but under game title it says "official cartridge", which this is definitely not.

It allows me to dump the contents, but it won't allow me to write anything to the cartridge. Not even save files, which you can restore even with official cartridges. The "Flash Entire Cartridge" is grayed out, and there's a red X next to Flash Game Data.

Yes, I am using the flash cartridge and not an official game cartridge, so it's definitely not a simple mistake. The command line tool doesn't work either. It gives me info on the cartridge, but hangs when I try to write to it. Any ideas? I have the earlier cartridge without the manual bank switch, if that helps in any way.
I've got a new PC with win10 x64. I've just tried with the same flashmata version and zadig (winusb 6.1.7600.16385)
I've sucesfully flashed one of my game (flashmasta crashed but I think it's because the rom do not have a correct size as the game is playable on my ngpc).
I have the cart with manual switch.
I'll try on my old cart.
Does not work with my old "Pocket Flash Card"
Same message: Official cardrige
It's ok with Spiv's mac os link masta app.
Interesting. I wonder why this is. To be honest, it was designed for the old cart+linker, but I don't think it was extensively tested with that setup.

Offhand, I think there's a way it tries to detect if it's a flashable cart. I don't recall if the old carts had the same detection option. Maybe all it needs is an added option ("treat all carts as flashable").

BTW, if you didn't know, the source is at if you'd have any interest in looking at it.
Card Fighters' Clash 2 English Translation ( )
Neo Geo Pocket Flash Cart and Linker Project ( )
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I tried to recompile it (with vs 2017 & qt 5.9 instead of vs 2013 & qt 5.5) but it does not start...
I'll try to find why.
VS project seems to be incomplete (some files are missing) while (modified) build.bat works.

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