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Availability WS Flash Masta
I was wondering what the status is of the WS Flash Masta:
- will more units become available?
- will the microSD card safe support become available? (or perhaps even ROM loading from microSD!?!) 
Any information about the current developments of this product will be greatly appreciated!!

--- From a EU WS player that craves game translation.....
Hey LauweLoempia,

I wish I had some better news about the WS Flash Masta project. We've just been so swamped with the Freeplay Zero and Freeplay CM3 stuff that we haven't had much time to devote to the Flash Masta stuff.

1) I think we will get more units made, but I just can't guess when. We've done some work to start procuring parts, but it just hasn't moved much further than that.

2) As you could imagine, if we don't even have time to build hardware, we haven't really put much time into the firmware development for quite some time. That's also another reason that I haven't pushed to have new hardware build (when I think I don't have time to develop the software that goes with it).

I have wondered about opening the software up to other developers, as that might drive the project to continue quicker. I don't know how this would work. I feel like it's a nice idea to get other people's help, but I'm not sure that it works well in reality.

I will say that we have 3 WS Flash Masta carts that have been built (from spare parts) that are just here waiting to be tested. At some point, we may put those up for sale, but it's (obviously) not an entire new batch of carts.
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Hi Flavor/Ed, thank you for the status update. I understand the situation and can only imagine the work of a project like the Freeplay Zero / CM3. I'll keep an eye on the store and will wait patiently in the meantime ;-)

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