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Broken shoulder button (FP0)

I finally finished getting my Free Play Zero from the Kickstarter put together (took forever as it was my first time soldering/modifying anything like this.) Everything was working great, no issues. Of course the first thing that happens after I sit it down is the cat jumps on the counter, knocking it onto the floor. It landed on the Right Shoulder cap and the blue button switch beneath broke. It no longer clicks and is in a perpetual state of pressed. I took the shoulder cap off and the button wiggles loosely and is not pressable/depressable. 

Is there a way that I can fix this, and if not is there a way I can order a replacement button switch and (gulp) attempt to desolder the current one and solder the replacement?

Thanks in advance!
Hey Rustyhole!

I don't think this is a typical problem that most people would encounter. Smile I also don't think it'll take any real troubleshooting. We just need to come to an agreement on how to handle it, and I think that's probably better to do via email, so I'll contact you that way.
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