Custom Rom Issues
Im using the Freeplay_Zero_17111701.img file for my Freeplay Zero. Every emulator works great and all my games work great. My issues lie with custom Roms on the GBA emulator (I have the proper bios) Custom Roms crash on this emulator when they work on normal versions of Retropie 4.3 and recalbox. I have reimaged the card once more already, installed different bios and even edited file names for those roms to make sure that there were no issues with that. Is there anything else that I can do to work this out? 
I really don't think that the Freeplay_Zero_17111701.img should do anything different than the stock RetroPie image.  

One thing you could try is to set up the stock RetroPie (or maybe Recalbox) that works fine for you.  Then you can add our Freeplaytech mods to it using this guide:

It's actually a bit more simple than that, too.  You can just git clone each repository and then run it's file.  I think that will work for much of the install (other than editing the confix.txt and some other bits).

I would almost wonder if it's more of a difference in the emulator.  I mean, I wonder if the "stock" RetroPie you are using is a different version (older or newer) than the one on the Freeplay Zero image or if the FPZ and your stock RetroPie are running different GBA emulators.  Is the "stock" image you are using built for Pi 0/1 or for Pi 2/3?

If you look at
you can see that there are different emulators that you can run.  I think the image for 0/1 defaults to a different emulator (for some systems) than the 2/3 image uses.
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