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Freeplay Zero Test Points
I am almost complete with my two Freeplay Zero builds for my kids. Because my kids are younger (5 & 8), and my daughter has already damaged the kindle fire micro-usb port, i was looking to add my own charging connector (dc barrel jack, or micro-usb) to the FPZ to save the FPZ port.

Without trying to soldering to the existing pcb tiny wires for the micro-usb port, is there anywhere else I can solder to to make the power connection from my new port to the FPZ pcb?
Take a look at this build:

He used a magnetic micro USB charger. We have a coupe like that here that we've tried. They work quite nicely. In fact, you could do the same for the Kindle Fire. We had that same issue with a Kindle before, actually.

Try this eBay search to get an idea of what's out there:
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