Just in time for the holidays!
So me and the girls are getting Freeplay Zeros this year!  The boys have their Nintendo 3DS XLs.  I wonder how long before they get Jealous and I end up building a couple more. 

[img][Image: M4qD88e.jpg][/img]

[img][Image: oYOAWOJ.jpg][/img]

A small nod to Retro Modding for having the little extras on hand.  The carrying cases are awesome.

[img][Image: hpDu3Z0.jpg][/img]
And a Huge thanks to Ed and Andrew and the rest of the gang for putting this project together. Very slick piece of kit!
You've got some great photos (of your great builds) here! Thanks for showing them off.
Card Fighters' Clash 2 English Translation ( http://cfc2english.blogspot.com/ )
Neo Geo Pocket Flash Cart and Linker Project ( http://www.flashmasta.com/ )
Avatar art thanks to Trev-Mun ( http://trevmun.deviantart.com/ )
Thumbs Up 
4 in a row! Nice work!

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