Classic Black and Indigo
I finished my two builds last night just in time for Christmas presents for the kids. I went with the classic black and indigo for a bit of nostalgia. After seeing CaotNumbNutz build I decided to go with the magnetic connectors for charging to avoid any damage to the main board.

I am also working on a 3d printed cartridge cover for the back, but it has not been finalized yet. I will put up more pictures once the cover has been finalized, and link to the model incase anyone else wants to print it.

[Image: 2017-12-21-19.16.03.jpg]

Very nice! Amazing what we do for the kiddos, right! I also ordered those magnetic chargers for ours. Just seemed smart when you're gonna hand one of these to an 8 year old. Look good!
Nice work, spideyk21!

I also like the idea of these magnetic chargers. We've tried them, and they work quite well. My only problem with them is that I have plenty of MicroUSB cables, so it's easier for me to just grab one of those most of the time. Smile
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I'll be doing an indigo build as well and I just got my pi zero

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