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Power switch keeps sliding off

I have a problem with the Power switch of my Freeplay zero build. It keeps sliding off of the boards switch, which means I have to open the whole zero again to fix it. And this happens every few times I love the slider. You can guess this is really annoying. I have no idea what I can do to prevent this. I followed the instructions and think I did the Case modification correctly. It seems that the switch is a tiny bit too low, I. E. the boards switch and the cases switch are not exactly the same level. 
Do you guys have any idea what I could do? The only thing I could think about would be gluing them together, but I suppose that is no great option...
I don't think we've seen this before, but I would say that one thing we have seen (and mention a lot in the build document) is inconsistencies between the plastic shells and buttons. I guess what I mean is that this doesn't really surprise me.

I would definitely hesitate to glue the slider to the button nub. I think you're right that it would cause problems.

I think you could maybe build up the button nub with some tape/glue, but if you aren't careful it could impede the motion of the button (like if you got superglue on the actual button).

So, then here's what I would probably try. You know the little "fingers" on the slider that go around the button nub? I'd try to build up one/both of them. If you have any plastic that you shaved from elsewhere, maybe glue it to the finger. You could maybe superglue a piece of toothpick to it? I don't know. I'm kinda just brainstorming here.

Also, we might have an extra slider like that. I'm not sure. If so, maybe I could send one to you. Maybe it'd work better than the one you have.

I know there are some other builders here that have basically built a shell just for practice and then moved on to their final shell. That means that they might have some parts left over from their sacrificial shell. Maybe someone could offer a POWER slider for the price of shipping or something.

I can't guarantee that another slider would fix the problem, but there are options if you wanted buy a whole set. Examples: (from Hong Kong)

Let us know how it goes. I should be back in the office later this week, and I could see if I have an extra slider.
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Wow, thanks for the very quick and detailed reply.

I actually just glued some plastic piece on the right "finger" of the switch. I hope this stays; There should not be any pressure on the sides of it so I guess it should stay where it is. This way the power switch works reliably. Thank you very much! Now I just have to work a few software issues out and then I'm good to go Smile

Btw: I have 2 or 3 other sliders here as well, but they are just the same as mine. So, if you actually have some special sliders with wider/bigger fingers laying around, it would be cool if you could send me one in a letter or whatever, so I have some sturdy replacement if my glued part should fall off. Just hit me with a PM. Smile
No, we don't have any special sliders. It is possible that the actually button itself is somehow tipped a bit or something. There are sometimes inconsistencies in the soldering process that could cause something to be shifted or tipped.

If you have 2 or 3 that all exhibit that problem, then I'd guess maybe something is just a bit different elsewhere. That could be with the shell itself, so the entire PCB is just slightly shifted in how it sits, or it could be a difference with the PCB itself. It'd be pretty difficult to determine where the difference is.
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I'm experiencing a similar issue. My power switch is working as a momentary switch as in it springs back to the left if I let it go, unfortunately this shuts of the system. If I continue hold it to the right, the system loads up and stays on but the power LED never lights up. If I plug the USB directly into the pie I don't need to hold the switch. If I plug the USB into the PCB, I have to hold the power switch. Everything else seems to be working fine. I used your supplied image in Google Drive. Is there something I'm missing?
Tyler, in your case, I would suspect a bad connection to the Pi. I wonder if there’s a bad solder joint on the pin that controlls the power on/off feature. Can you send a photo of the Pi and it’s solder?
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I had the same issue. I ended up cutting a thin piece of smooth rectangular plastic to rest under the switch. This raises the sliding plastic part of the switch just enough to keep it in position on the actual switch. I didn't glue the thin plastic in place or anything: just dropped it in before dropping the sliding switch part into place.
I had this too, but found it to be caused by the aftermarket case posts being too thick (the case wasn't closing tight enough) and once you put the button rubber in, it got worse... I had to file down the posts and button hole frames...
Had similar trouble if I understand the problem, there is no need to modify pcb or case, just plastic slider.

Don't take account of missing part on the side, it's for analog stick.

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