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CM3 vs. Zero
Does anyone have any hands on comparison between the two; battery life, performance, heat, etc.
I find that the Zero has pretty good performance in everything but GBA (well not counting PS1, N64, etc since the controller isn't really set up for that), with GBA I find performance fine with lr-gpsp but I have a lot of compatibility problems, lr-mgba is much better compatibility wise but runs about 80% or so, I'd imagine a CM3 would fix that but would I be giving up too much battery life just to play a few GBA games.
I think you're actually talking about 2 different things here: Freeplay Zero speed and Freeplay CM3 battery life.

Freeplay Zero Speed:  You might want to take a look at this thread and see if you find any speedups there.  In particular, some people find that the WiFi will significantly reduce their emulation performance.  You might try turning it off and then running a game you'd usually experience slowdown with.

Freeplay CM3 Battery Life:  In our testing, we've found that the Freeplay CM3 draws almost the same power as the Freeplay Zero.  To be clear about it, we haven't done the extensive testing we did for the Freeplay Zero.  The CM3 is surprisingly low power compared to the performance increase.  I would like to see if any builders would want to chime in here and tell us how much playtime they get on a charge.
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Hi Ed, thanks for the info, regarding the speed, its on a Pi Zero 1.3 (non w) so no wifi to worry about. I think its just that the GBA is about the limit of the zero's capabilities. Not a complaint just trying to see if I'd benefit from a the extra power of the CM3.

Good to know the battery life is comparable, I'd imagine the CM3 being very stripped down (well in terms of ports etc) helps.

I know I could probably watch the assembly videos, but are the case mods different from CM3 to Zero, or could I easily transplant a CM3 into a case already modded for a Zero?
You could probably take a case modded for a Freeplay Zero and do some extra mods to make it work on the Freeplay CM3. The Freeplay CM3 has the USB, HDMI, and charging ports that the Freeplay Zero doesn't have. On the Zero, they're part of the Pi and are open to the cartridge slot area.

As for battery life, I just read a Facebook post from a recent builder that said he got 4 hours 15 minutes out of his charge (running emulation the whole time from what I gather).
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