save states and backing out of games
I'm currently using the image suggested for the CM3 unit and I can't get save states to work or be able to return to the menu screen without restarting the unit.  I'm also having trouble getting any button inputs working on the N64 and Neo-Geo emulators.  I would love to simply use a standard retropie image, but getting all of those scripts working is a bit out of my experience range.  Can someone provide instructions on how to turn these features back on or simple instructions on how to get a standard retropie image to work on the CM3?  Thank you so much!
The Freeplay CM3 image is a standard RetroPie image with additions for LCD, audio, inputs, etc. The other mods are minimal. Off the top of my head, I think the only thing we disable is Samba shares, because that slows down the bootup process.

First of all, does your power button spring back to "off" when you let go of it? It should operate like a DS power button. It should not stay on the ON position by itself. If it does, you should modify the plastic slider to allow it to slide back freely.

It sounds as if your main issue is with the hotkey functionality. You can reconfigure the input (from the main menu) and just use SELECT as the hotkey if you don't like using the Power button as a "hotkey toggle."

Let me know if that makes sense.
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That Makes sense.  I had no idea that the power switch could be used as the hot key.  I changed the settings to have the select button as the hot key and that seems to have fixed my issue.  Thank you.

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