Moonlight Steam Streaming to CM3
So I was interested how this would work. Seems that it's a bit fiddly but nothing difficult.

Started by using the script provided on the video here. 

I then removed all the scripts as I was getting a command not found exception in retropie when running 720p, 480p script is not supported so don't bother. 

I created a single script using nano that just runs a basic 720p setup at 30fps and called it launch. This helps as you cannot see which profile you are selecting in retropie.

The resolution is a bit funny as it puts black bars on the already small screen. Sound doesn't seem to work. I'll report back if I make any more progress.
Thanks. That is pretty interesting. Definitely update us with any news/progress.
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will this work for the freeplay zero (rpi0)? It would be pretty awesome to play broforce on a gba Big Grin

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