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I've only been able to get the LCD to display something once.
I'm tearing my hair out over this one.. I ordered the freeplay CM3 and put it all together last night. Everything's hooked up properly, the correct image is flashed, and I can't get the device to show anything on the LCD. I took everything out of the case, made sure the ribbon cable was seated properly and powered up, still no display (just white light). I pulled the cable and re-seated it again. still nothing. I tried different battery combo's and actually got it to boot with one battery hooked up and the USB plugged in. Before I put it all back together, I plugged in both batteries and tested it again, it booted fine. Now that it's all back together, I can't get it to boot again. I did notice some strange clipping on the display for a few seconds when it was all out of the case and powered up.

What would you recommend at this point?


Can you test HDMI? If so, that would give us some added info that would tell us if the SD is booting properly.

One thing to note is that the Freeplay CM3 needs to have a battery installed to run properly. You can charge it while it's running (like if it's low), but it needs to have at least one installed.

When you go to boot it up (hold the power button for 10 or so seconds), does the green LED (on the front) come on?

If so I would guess that maybe the LCD ribbon is not fully inserted and locked in. Maybe the shoulders aren't fully pressed into place.

You might also want to look at some of the troubleshooting stuff here.
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Thanks for the quick response. I tore it down again and cleaned the contacts on the video ribbon with some isopropyl alcohol and reseated everything as tight as I could get it. Working like a champ now.

For anyone else having similar troubles, that ribbon has to be ALL the way in there.

Thanks for a great product!
Yes, had a similar problem. But I think the word file guide states clearly that if the LCD just shows white light, it probably isn't connected properly. Glad its working for you now.

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