[CM3] Power switch timeout
I know the power switch, depending on how long it's held, has different functions (short: hotkey; long: power on / power off).  Is there some way I can modify how long it is?  Right now, it feels like I'm holding it on for aeons to power cycle.
For power-down, yes, you can edit that.

For power-up, no, you can not.  That is a function of how the Raspberry Pi boots up.  When you first hold the button in the ON position, it supplies power to the Pi.  You need to hold it there until the Pi takes control (one of the first things that happens during the software bootup).  Until then, if you let go, the power will be cut, and the Pi will shut off.

First of all, just so you know, you can also initiate a shutdown from the RetroPie menu.  In the main menu, tap START, and you can choose to shut down the system.  This will do the same thing as holding the power button.

If you want to edit the behavior of the power button for shutdown purposes, please see this file: https://github.com/TheFlav/Freeplay-Supp..._daemon.py
On your system, that file lives at /home/pi/Freeplay/Freeplay-Support/shutdown_daemon.py

If you wanted to change the length of time you need to hold it to shut down, edit this line
pwr_btn_timeout = 4.0

I hope that helps.
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